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(Thrive Quail Forest is not formally associated with Quail Forest HOA or Management & Associates)

Welcome to Thrive Quail Forest!

Thrive Quail Forest

is a cooperative, inclusive, and sustainability-focused initiative that combines the existing Quail Forest neighborhood in Oldsmar, Florida with the principals of Thrive Co-Living Communities.


Founded in 2019

Thrive Co-Living Communities is a not-for-profit effort aimed at addressing the epidemic of loneliness caused by decreasing civic and religious participating, an increasing dependence on technology and social media, and other isolating barriers of modern life, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Loneliness and social isolation can take a major toll, including an increased risk of substance abuse, physical health issues, and mental illnesses. To address this epidemic of isolation, Thrive Co-Living Communities aims to establish supportive, inclusive, multi-generational, and sustainable communities wherever they’re desired.

At Thrive Quail Forest

The existing neighborhood will be enhanced with more community activities and programs designed to promote community involvement, shared resources, and sustainability.

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