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Dear Friends: Imagine yourself living at a Thrive Co-Living Community in a future beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Thrive Co-Living® Communities

Cooperative residential living communities for people of all ages.
Sustainable  | Multigenerational | Inclusive

Founder/Executive Director


      Mark Stein

The idea for Thrive Co-Living came to Mark when he became a tech nomad, traveling monthly to St. Pete, FL. 

Work Life



Community Building

Mediation Program Manager. Hoosier Hills PACT.

Community justice program. Southern Indiana 1986-91.

Co-owner, Millennium Farm. Milltown, IN. Cooperative rural

farmstead with three farm partners. 1980-present.

Partner, Solar Investment Service.Southern Indiana.


Built and maintain solar home, Milltown, IN. 1980-present.

President, Mediation First. Mediation Firm handling commercial, HR,

divorce and custody disputes. 1991-Present.

Co-facilitator. Louisville Community of Mindful Living.

local mindfulnessgroup, in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh.

1994-present. Louisville, KY.

International Mediation Consultant, 1991-2000. Facilitated the creation

of programs in 14 states and the Republic of Ireland.

Initiated. Crawford County Product/Service Co-op. 1981.

Tech Entrepreneur, 2002-2017., online divorce website.

2002-2014. Virtual 3D shopping mall. 2007-2015.

Promoted Crawford County Clean Sweep Week. As Rudy

the Rat, initiated County-wide roadside trash pickup. 1992-97.

Principal, Digital Marketing Agency. 2015-present.

Instigator. Monument to the peaceful resolution of conflict. Erected

on the eve of the first gulf war, 1991. Corydon Indiana.

Founder, Thrive Co-Living Communities, Inc., co-living think-talk-do tank.


Director/Actor, community theater, Corydon, IN. 1990-2002.

Daughter, Arien and grandson, Trey, partner, Isabela Amaral, her son, Fred and our

dog, Duncan.

Co-producer: Altar Boyz Musical, Louisville, KY 2018.

Board of Directors


Craig Scafidi

Craig Scafidi is a Senior Associate with Coldwell Banker Commercial NRT. Craig has provided both corporate and individual customers in the Tampa Bay market with commercial real estate investment sales, site selection and critical user analysis for over a decade.

"From the first conversation I had with Mark Stein about the Thrive Co-living concept I was eager to be a part of such a unique project. Thrive Co-living Communities can truly be a game changer in bringing affordability and sustainability to the residential housing market."


Vickie Stein

I’m excited to be part of this adventure repurposing big box stores into co-living buildings. When I’m not working with Thrive, I work in a dental practice. I’m also Mom to two children and dog Mom to Duncan.


Brian Arbenz

In my work with groups for restorative justice, mass transit and alternative journalism, I have seen how community is the basis for improvements in living. Thrive co-living can restore a missing sense of community. Social interaction is with actual people, who tell one another what they like, instead of clicking it!


Brett Corbin

Brett Corbin is a resident of Kentucky and enjoys supporting causes that encourage community, care for the environment and positive changes in the world.

Advisory Board


Rev. Molly A. Shoulta Tucker

is the Senior Pastor of Ridgewood Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. She has served in education, healthcare and Contemporary Worship leadership settings. She has a heart for encouraging young women to find power and voice, especially from a pulpit. She believes in the power of collaboration and strong coffee.


Libby Kennedy

I am a writer and digital marketer based in Clearwater, Florida. I specialize in developing creative, accessible copy for complex or technical topics. In my free time, I enjoy writing novels and poetry, drinking tea, and spending time outdoors with my husband. I’m passionate about promoting inclusivity, and love Thrive’s goal of creating welcoming, diverse communities.


Jennifer Hooper

Jennifer Hooper is an impact coach who thrives on helping people shift their big ideas into clear visions. She’s also the co-creator of The Complex Couple, a lifestyle brand that weaves together different perspectives about life on a YouTube channel, weekly podcast, and website. Jennifer enjoys coaching, speaking, writing, and endless travel adventures. She’s enamored with the vision of Thrive Co-Living and honored to play a role in its evolution. She can’t wait to move in!


Greg Davidson

For over 9 years Greg worked as a Senior Economic Development Officer for the city of Minneapolis MN’s Dep’t. of Economic Development where he structured (and researched funding sources including foundations) of low-income housing loans and bonds. Greg has friends in The Netherlands who live in a similar co-housing/intergeneration housing development. He’s seen the benefit of co-housing, including intergenerational sharing of skills and the creation of a more caring community.


Brenda Shirer

has been a Paralegal in Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties for 30 years serving a variety of individual’s legal needs. Currently, she provides her skills to a large company located in Clearwater. In her leisure time, Brenda volunteers for her local Arts and Music Center and spends quality time with her family, joyfully spoiling her grandson. She is thrilled to be involved with Thrive Co-Living Communities and its goals of finding new purpose for abandoned big box stores that will result in transforming and revitalizing communities.


Connor Moore

Connor is a recent MBA grad who whole-heartedly believes in the potential of shared living models to improve the way people live in the 21st century. As a coliving enthusiast and thought leader, Connor created a coliving research blog called Coliving Corner and currently serves on the Executive Team at Co-Liv, a nonprofit organization supporting coliving professionals across the world. In his free time you can find Connor hiking, camping, scuba diving, or planning his next globe-trotting adventure.

Penny Clark

 is a co-founder and Head of Research and Sustainability at Conscious Co-living, an impact-driven consultancy which helps co-living operators and developers to foster thriving co-living spaces. She believes that co-living has the potential to foster connection to the self, to others, and to the natural world. She is also a PhD candidate, conducting research which explores environmental sustainability within co-housing and co-living communities. 


Jessica Magniccari

 is a web and graphic designer who has worked with businesses and nonprofit organizations for over ten years. She loves bringing ideas to life through strategic design and gets excited over layouts, fonts, colors, and photography. Jessica is honored to be a part of Thrive Co-Living Communities and passionate about its mission to solve the growing issues of loneliness and isolation that result from a modern lifestyle where so much is based in technology. She believes it is the way of the future. In her free time, you can find Jessica drinking coffee, writing, listening to music, and running, biking, and swimming in the Tampa Bay area.

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