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Dear Friends: Imagine yourself living at a Thrive Co-Living Community in a future beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Solar Energy

 Sunshine is much more than a key component of a successful morning jog or trip to the local park—it’s an energy source that can help your community thrive. Solar energy, or the particles of sunlight that reach the Earth, is a clean, renewable energy source that can be harnessed and used to provide water heating, electricity, ventilation, and even transportation.There are many ways to utilize solar energy within your community. One easy way to benefit from solar energy is with a photovoltaic (PV) solar system. With a PV solar system, sunlight hits a solar panel, made out of a semiconductor material like silicon, and knocks electrons loose. When in motion, these electrons create an electric current that can be captured with wiring. Once the solar panels collect the electricity, it can be used immediately for functions like heating a swimming pool or cooling down your home during the summer months, or stored in a battery for future use.  Solar water heating can further reduce utility bills, sometimes heating 100% of hot water needs during summer months.

Using solar energy in your Thrive Living Community has many benefits. It is a highly renewable energy source, available for use every day and easily harnessed in all areas of the world. It is also a healthier alternative to fossil fuels like oil, coal, and natural gas, which can pollute our environments and emit dangerous toxins. Solar energy also reduces a building’s energy bills, and once the solar panels are installed, require minimal maintenance, making them a very affordable way of powering your community.

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