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Rainwater Capture

Like solar energy, rainwater is another natural, sustainable resource that can be harnessed to benefit your home and community. Rainwater capture, which collects, diverts, and stores rainwater, provides many uses, including landscape irrigation, toilet flushing, wash applications, and ornamental pond or fountain filling.

Rainwater capture systems work by using filters and flush diverters to capture rainwater, getting rid of any unwanted debris in the process. Once the rainwater is captured, food-grade polyester resin material in the storage tank reduces bacterial growth in the water, while a treatment system filtrates and disinfects the water. Once the water is filtered and disinfected, a pump moves the water from the system to where it will be used, like to a bathroom or irrigation system. Rainwater systems also have components that monitor and address potential issues like overflow, backflow, and problems with the water levels.

Rainwater capture plays an important role in helping your environment. By collecting rainwater, rainwater capture systems can help prevent flooding by limiting the amount of run-off during storms, and help to reduce erosion in downspouts and gardens. It also reduces the demand for groundwater, an increasingly strained resource throughout the world, along with the need for digging deeper wells, which can have a negative environmental impact.

Within your own community, rainwater capture also reduces water bills, and can be used for a plethora of purposes around your building, from washing your dog to taking a shower. Since rainwater is softer than regular water, it can also lessen the need for detergents when washing clothing and dishes. It can also be used to improve traditional and hydroponics gardens, as harvested water can flush buildup from plants and soil, and is typically free of chlorine and other chemicals.

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