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Co-Living Project Combats the Epidemic of Isolation

The not-for-profit promotes sustainability and community through co-living facilities

St. Petersburg, FL: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more Americans have learned the value of community and the heavy toll that isolation can have on their mental and physical health. Thrive Co-Living Communities aims to provide concrete solutions to this “epidemic of isolation” by building inclusive, multigenerational co-living communities out of abandoned big box stores or other abandoned properties.

In 2020, Thrive Co-Living Community founder Mark Stein, discovered the need for co-living spaces after he became a tech nomad and took his business on the road. He explains “while traveling, I realized that I craved cooperative, creative options.” At the same time, Stein’s travel also “opened my eyes to how many abandoned buildings across the United States take up valuable space and resources.” To address both these issues, he created Thrive Co-Living Communities to revitalize communities, utilize abandoned spaces, and provide sustainable co-living options.

The mission of Thrive Co-Living Communities is to combat this growing sense of isolation by offering co-living experiences that offers private condominiums and shared community spaces, creating the ideal balance of independent living and community support. Stein believes the concept will cater especially to “my fellow tech nomads, freelancers, artists, and other creatives.”

Shared spaces will include commercial kitchens, co-living and co-working spaces, fitness facilities, and spaces for entertainment and presentations. The co-living communities will also include features for environmental sustainability, such as hydroponics and aquaponics, solar panels, and rainwater capture systems.

The first Thrive Co-Living Community is planned for the St. Petersburg, Florida area, and the concept is currently in the planning and development stages.

About Thrive Co-Living Communities: Thrive Co-Living Communities is a not-for-profit that builds cooperative and sustainable residential living communities from re-purposed big box stores. More information can be found at Mark Stein can be reached at mark@thrivecolivingcommunities or via his calendar.

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