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Thrive Co-Living® Communities

Cooperative residential living communities for people of all ages.
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Co-Working & Co-Learning

To further encourage collaboration between residents, each Thrive Co-Living Community will also include space for co-working. These spaces will be ideal for freelancers, remote workers, tech nomads, and anyone else in the community who might have not a physical workplace, and will offer a space where they can work in the company of others. In a co-working space, a website designer might end up sitting beside an online English tutor, and while their jobs might seem vastly different, a co-living space will give them the chance to connect, teach each other about their specific skills, and perhaps even find a way to collaborate or assist each other. With the power of co-working spaces, anything can happen.

Even when you’re long done with school, you never stop learning! Whether you’re honing a creative skill, practicing a trade, or simply listening to some fun facts, learning presents you with the opportunity to expand your mind, bond with others through mutual interests, and develop skills that you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life. To help Thrive Co-Living Community residents reap the long-lasting rewards of education, each community will feature co-learning options to help residents learn and grow together.

In the educational sense, co-learning is simply the practice of letting students learn in a collaborative setting, giving them the chance to develop skills like communication and cultural awareness while fostering a natural inclination toward learning. Co-learning also encourages students to focus on subjects they’re interested in, which instills a genuine desire to learn. Thrive Co-Living Communities will build up these kinds of co-learning principals to provide resources for residents to learn more and develop new passions, no matter what stage of life they’re in.

Along with providing physical spaces for co-learning, Thrive Co-Living Communities will feature a community bulletin board where residents can express their interest in learning about a specific subject—and where others can offer to share their specific skill set or knowledge with their community. Through this, residents with similar interests and hobbies can come together to learn or share their skills with others, leading to a creative and collaborative environment where residents can learn something new every day.

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