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Thrive Co-Living® Communities

Cooperative residential living communities for people of all ages.
Sustainable  | Multigenerational | Inclusive



Instead of living above the store, we’ll live in it  (Section is half way down the page of the larger article)

Cohousing: The Future of Community and Human Connection 

Village Hearth: About Cohousing

Where Will Co-Living Land Post Pandemic?

Intentional Communities — 50% Less Hippie Than You'd Expect

Oldest Mall in America Turned into Tiny Homes

Let’s Wage a War on Loneliness

What if Your Home Could Be Mobile, but Also You Could Park It?

Conscious Coliving - A UK based consultancy.

Empty Hotels Get Second Life as Tiny Apartments During Pandemic

They Can't Leave the Bay Area Fast Enough

The Surprising Boom in Pandemic Co-Living

Affordable Housing Earns French Couple the Pritzker Prize

Affordable PreFab Homes Available This year 

Order a Modern PreFab Home Online

Vintage Lovers with a Dollar and a Dream

Tour a $50,000 Boxabl in Las Vegas

Arched Cabins = Off Grid Simple Living with Financial Freedom


What is Permaculture and Why Should I Care?

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