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Mediation Training for Co-Living Communities

When two or more people live together, conflict is bound to occur, if only because we all see things differently.  Add more people to the mix—like in the case of a co-living community—and you multiply the chances of conflict by the number of people. From noise to cleanliness standards and from household responsibilities to refrigerator space, co-living provides endless opportunities for conflict.

Fortunately, there is an age-old tool that is perfect for disputes in the co-living setting. Mediation dates back to Western biblical times, and has been widely used in many Eastern cultures as well. Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process that allows two or more parties to resolve their differences in a mutually agreeable way, using the help of a neutral mediator.  When people agree to participate, the process is successful 95% of the time.

Mark Stein, the founder of Thrive Co-Living Communities, has spent over 30 years mediating disputes of all kinds, including community, religious, employment, commercial, divorce, and custody disputes. He even mediated two cases on the “Oprah Winfrey Show!” 

Mark is putting his mediation skills and experience to work for co-living communities. Through his one-and-a half day Zoom Mediation Training, the staff and residents of co-living communities around the world can learn the basics of mediation. Through roleplay and discussions, Stein will introduce the principles of mediation as a tool to resolve disputes, plus explore the myriad of applications for its use in the co-living setting.  

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(See Sample Mediation Training Agenda)

Max: 25 participants. 

Fee: $100 per person.  

Additionally, Mark can mediate any complex co-living dispute via Zoom for $100/hour. 100% of this fee goes to supporting Thrive Co-Living Communities, Inc

About Mark Stein:

International mediation consultant, Mark Stein is the co-author of Resolving Conflict Once and For All (Harmony House, 1997). As a consultant for the U.S. Departments of Justice and Education, he has facilitated the creation of mediation programs in fourteen states, including four US statewide programs, and programs in Ireland and the Cayman Islands.

As president of Mediation First, one of the nation’s first comprehensive mediation firms, Stein mediated over two thousand cases, including commercial and employment matters, community disputes, and divorce and custody cases in his career of over thirty years.  

A graduate of Vanderbilt University, Stein has been featured as a mediator on the “Oprah Winfrey Show” and has testified before the President’s Commission on the Future of Worker/Management Relations.

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