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Dear Friends: Imagine yourself living at a Thrive Co-Living Community in a future beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Thrive Co-Living® Communities

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A Day in the Life

Millennial; freelance; unmarried without kids or pet

“I’m all about togetherness! Whether I’m hitting the gym or crushing a new project for a client, I’m at my healthiest and most productive when I’m surrounded by the positive energy of others. Living in a Thrive Co-Living Community means that the good vibes never stop flowing, and my neighbors are always here to help me live my best life.”

6:15 AM - Join other Thrive residents for a daily run

7:00 AM - Enjoy quinoa breakfast bowl, made with tomatoes from the community garden

8:00 AM - Go to work at the co-working space located within the Thrive community.

12:30 PM - Take a lunch break at a friend's sandwich shop in the retail space.

1:00 PM - Go back to the co-working space; enjoy a great exchange with a local author. 

5:00 PM - Walk back to condo (short commute).

5:30 PM - Make pasta with basil from the community garden. 

6:30 PM - Attend wine tasting in one of the event spaces. 

9:00 PM - Settle down for the night.

Schedule Two: Married parent; one kid and a dog; older millennial 

“As my fellow parents know, support can make a huge difference. By being part of a co-living community, my wife and I have everything we need to get ourselves and our young daughter through each day. With a communal garden where we can grow vegetables for healthy meals, great nearby schools, and an awesome group of other parents who help out with watching our daughter when we need a date night, our community is always here for our family. We couldn’t do it without them!”

7:30 AM - Lounge in bed with my morning cup of coffee.

8:15 AM - Walk daughter to the nearby bus stop with the family dog.

9:00 AM - Grab a second cup of coffee from the café while my partner goes to work.

10:30 AM - Take the dog over to the dog park and connect with neighbors; learn about a new brewery.

11:30 AM -  Plan meals for next week, incorporating harvest from the community garden.

2:00 PM - Pick up daughter from bus stop; hang out in the community green space with other kids.

5:15 PM - Enjoy a delicious curry recipe paired with fresh herbs from the garden.

7:00 PM - Settle it for the night for some family time. 

Schedule 3: Artist

“I’m a painter, so my perfect day involves working on my current pieces and finding the inspirations for new ones, and every day in my co-living community is a chance to do both! In our coworking space, I can get feedback and support from other artists in my building. There are so many chances to collaborate and grow, and with our presentation space, I can even share my skills with others who want to learn about the joy of painting. Plus, with a beautiful green space, lots of nearby parks and nature trails, and a group of diverse neighbors who can share their stories with me over a communal meal, inspiration is all around!”

7:30 AM - Ride my bike to the nearby farmer’s market. 

9:30 AM - Take a quick shower and go to work.

10:00 AM - Go outside to work on my latest painting. 

11:00 AM - Talk with neighbor about doing a collaborative event with the local humane society.

12:30 PM - Head back to my condo for a little break and a quick snack on the porch.

2:00 PM - Go down to coworking space for a meeting with the other artists about art show.

3:00 PM - Ride bike around town and hang up flyers.

4:30 PM - Run into some friends at a great local brewery.

5:30 PM - Enjoy quick dinner at my condo.

6:00 PM - Go back to coworking space to do more prep work for the art show. 

9:30 PM - Collapse into bed feeling excited about our event.

Schedule 4: Boomer; retired but still very active

“Who says retirement has to be boring? Here, retirement is so much than just sitting around all day. From wine tastings to group nature walks, there is always something going on in our community. It’s so easy to stay active and engaged. And on those days when we do want to take some quiet time to sit on our porch, relax, and enjoy the sunshine . . . Thrive gives us the chance to do that, too. It’s the best of both worlds!”

9:00 AM - Head to new bagel shop with my wife.

11:00 AM - Enjoy a cup of coffee and read the NYT on the porch while my wife attends a self-defense class.

1:00 PM - Prepare a light salad with veggies from the community garden.

1:30 PM - Meet up with my wife and a few neighbors in the community for a recipe exchange. 

2:45 PM - Gather in presentation space to see a neighbor’s photos from Poland.

3:00 PM - Head back to our condo to rest up for a little bit before tonight’s activities.

5:30 PM - Attend game night in the event space with neighbors of all ages.

8:30 PM - Go back to condo to rest up and prepare to try a new pierogi recipe tomorrow.

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