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Dear Friends: Imagine yourself living at a Thrive Co-Living Community in a future beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Thrive Co-Living® Communities

Cooperative residential living communities for people of all ages.
Sustainable  | Multigenerational | Inclusive


What is a Thrive Co-Living Community? What is a Thrive Co-Living Community?

A Thrive Co-Living Community is a cooperative, multi-generational residential facility in an abandoned and repuposed big box store. At each community, you'll find loft condominiumns, common kitchens, shared activity centers, fitness centers, and retail spaces supporting all inclusive residetianl learning for learners and creators of all ages. Each co-living community provides an ecological and self-sustaining living environment strategically situated among its surrounding neighborhoods. Every community is located in a warm climate near natural landscapes such as oceans, mountains, and rivers, offering outdoor recreation like hiking, biking, swimming and more.

Who Lives in a Thrive Co-Living Community? Who Lives in a Thrive Co-Living Community?

Singles and couples all ages, ranging from millenials to baby boomers, and families with children.

How does it work? How does it work?

The structure of each community is as a housing cooperative, specifically a limited equity co-owners are able to move between communities to experience other parts of the country and the world.

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