Dear Friends: Imagine yourself living at a Thrive Co-Living Community in a future beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Sustainability doesn’t just apply to the environment. When people are living, working, and learning together in a Thrive Co-Living Community, they also need features that will help them develop sustainable, long-lasting relationship with their fellow community residents. This is why each Thrive Co-Living Community will include mediation services, available to all residents to offer in-person conflict resolution to fairly settle any disputes.

Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process that allows two or more people to work with a neutral third party—a mediator—to reach an agreement about their dispute. Mediation gives both sides the chance to express their grievances and emotions, while the mediator listens and guides both parties into coming up with a resolution that settles the issue and satisfies everyone. Mediation combines peacemaking and action, and provides the framework for conflicting parties to have an open, non-aggressive conversation.

Along with in-person mediation services to settle disputes among residents, each Thrive Co- Living Community will offer the opportunity for interested residents to learn how to become a volunteer mediator, a great personal and professional skill. Thrive Co-Living Communities will also open their mediation services and spaces to the broader community, which will create a revenue stream for the community, provide professional opportunities for its resident mediators, and encourage harmony and stability not just within the co-living community, but in the surrounding area.

As a former mediator who opened a private practice, published a book on conflict resolution, and mediated cases on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Mark Stein, the executive director of Thrive Co-Living Communities, fully understands the importance of mediation services, and these resources will be an integral feature of each unique community to help residents live and grow together.

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