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Episode 4: The Future of Education & Co-learning at Thrive

July 16, 2020 2:29 PM | Deleted user

In this episode, we discuss the future of learning, and how co-living and co-learning provide incredible, synergistic learning opportunities within communities. We are joined by Adam Rubin, Founder and Partner at 2Revolutions.

Adam has spent over two decades catalyzing change through the design and launch of social enterprises across the education and community development sectors. He started 2Revolutions to feed this love, and to reinforce a belief that two critical levers we can pull are the birth and scaling of innovative ventures as a way to affect real change.

At 2Rev, he is able to feed his love of both systems change and practice innovation. Please join us as we dive into Adam’s research and experience, and learn how we can create exciting opportunities at Thrive for residents of all ages to learn from each other.

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To take a deeper dive into the future of education, check out these links:

2Rev Future of Learning video encapsulates our world view (2012)

Book Chapter on Educator Learning to Drive Transformation (2018)

COVID Opportunity (2020)

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