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Episode 58: Implementing Permaculture in Modern Society with Staci Diamond King and Joanna Pianko

May 13, 2022 12:48 PM | Libby Kennedy (Administrator)

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At Thrive Co-Living Communities, we love permaculture and sustainability! That’s why we’re excited to share episode 58 of our podcast, featuring guests Joanna Pianko and Staci Diamond King of Earthflower Farms. Earthflower Farms is a permaculture start-up that aims to assist people in making the first steps toward implementing modern permaculture design into their own lives, including educating individuals and organizations about the benefits of permaculture and debunking common myths. In this episode, Joanna and Staci talk more about their work with Earthflower Farms, plus chat with podcast host and Thrive Co-Living Communities founder Mark Stein about the best ways to implement permaculture into modern society.

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