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Thrive Co-Living® Communities

Cooperative residential living communities for people of all ages.
Sustainable  | Multigenerational | Inclusive

Click Here to Download Our Framework for an "Ideal" Community

 Thrive Co-Living Communities: A Framework for an "Ideal" Community is a working document intended to show the basic structure and setting for an “ideal” co-living community. It includes information for potential residents, investors, and anyone in the worldwide co-living community, especially those interested in creating their own co-living community. Since this is a working document, it will be added to and expanded over time. We welcome all comments, challenges, and ideas.


The Epidemic of Isolation

Humans are social creatures. But our modern, digital lives create barriers to the social interactions we crave. This leaves many of us feeling isolated, unsupported, and cut off from a sense of community. Social loneliness can take a heavy toll, leading to increased health risks such as high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, substance abuse, and suicide.

Thrive Co-Living Communities provides the antidote to this epidemic of isolation by creating inclusive, sustainable, and multi-generational co-living communities that combine private living with shared and supportive spaces.

This unique model provides the resources and support you need to easily and seamlessly connect and engaged with people all around you.

We are currently in the development stages for our first co-living community, which will be in the Tampa Bay, Florida area.

Source: How Working-Class Life Is Killing Americans, in Charts

Sustainability for All

Thrive Co-Living Communities will be designed with sustainability in mind, with a focus on the local environment and surrounding community. Each community will include environmentally-friendly features such as 

There will also be opportunities for community sustainability and self-sufficiency through revenue-generating programs like co-working spacesmediation services, mediation training, renting out community kitchens and other facilities, and art galleries and retail spaces, when applicable.


Our Model

Thrive Co-Living Communities are cooperative, inclusive, and multi-generational co-living communities that combine shared community features with private, residential living.

The communities are ecologically and emotionally friendly and self-sustaining. They are located in highly desirable areas with a moderate climate, and are close to amenities like oceans, mountains, rivers, and hiking. Residents begin building equity immediately and are able to move between communities to experience other parts of the country and the world.

Communities will be open to most forms of alternative dwelling units, such as Boxabl units, Zenni homes, domes, and tiny houses, with a focus on simplicity, ecology, energy-efficiency, and conservation of space.

Legal Structure

Each facility is an independent, limited equity housing cooperative with its own board of directors. Overarching all of the facilities is a not-for-profit corporation, Thrive Co-Living Communities, Inc., which supports the creation and development of Co-Living Communities in the US and beyond. For residents, there will be a rental fee and a co-op fee, and all efforts will be made to keep Thrive Co-Living affordable for residents.

Sustainable Features

Our communities will be designed with sustainability in mind, both for our residents and the surrounding environment. Each community will include environmentally-friendly features such as hydroponics and aquaponics, rainwater capture systems, solar panels, and electric car charging stations. We'll also support self-sustainability for our residents through revenue-generating features like co-working/co-learning spaces, meditation services and training, and retail spaces, when applicable.

The community is to be self-sustaining. We have built in numerous revenue sources including commercial kitchens (4), fitness facility, co-learning/co-working facility, entertainment venue, mediation services, retail spaces, short and long-term condo rentals, etc. There will also be an co-op fee, and all efforts will be made to keep it modest.

Shared Spaces

Retail Space

Each Thrive Co-Living Community offers vibrant, sustainable, and ecological living through the combination of shared community resources and private, residential living.

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